OpenWrt LuCi IPv4 routing rules

The 'disable' option seems to enable disable '1' in the config, but last time I checked has no effect. Why?

It does not seem that netifd implements such an option. @vgaetera afair you added this part to the ui, did you just assume that there is a disable option?

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I hope to patch netifd before the next stable release, probably something similar to disabling routes.
Since the interfaces and routes already support this option, the rules must follow the same principle.


Ace - thanks @vgaetera.

p.s. aside from this issue the new LuCi routing implementation is fantastic. Simple and elegant. Nice work on this. Happy to kick out VPN PBR given its lack of SQM support.

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Many thanks to the developers of netifd, protocols, LuCI and everyone else who made this possible. :smiley:

Submitted the PR:

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