Openwrt like host in network which shares it’s 4g/lte internet?

Hey! Is it possible to buy router with integrated 4g module, install on it OpenWRT and configure it this way:

  1. It connected to swich via Ethernet.
  2. Other hosts connected to swich via Ethernet.
  3. In network there is DHCP server, it gives ip for Openwrt and hosts.
  4. Hosts uses 4g/lte internet of openwrt.
  5. No Wi-Fi is needed.

This is straightforward. The separate DHCP server needs to be configured to advertise the OpenWrt router's IP on the LAN as the network's default route to the Internet (option 3) and usually also the DNS server (option 6). Then the hosts that have a request for the Internet send it to the OpenWrt router, which NATs and forwards it in the usual way to its LTE WAN interface. For this to work, the OpenWrt router needs a known constant LAN IP, that is usually done with a DHCP reservation.

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Perhaps useful link

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