OpenWRT/LEDE Merger - WHEN?

Please, anyone, release ASAP a OpenWRT dumb release as 17.01.5 or 17.02.0 or 18.0.0 and end with this switching nightmare for god sake !!!


What is your issue dude?

What nightmare are you talking about

Pretty simple, actually.

Code base will still be LEDE.

The only thing that will change is the name (branding).

@hnyman, @tmomas -- The README files of my packages in OpenWrt repo have links to the lede-project and/or OpenWrt forums. What will happen to the forums after the merger?

If I'll be sending pull requests for other (besides changes to README) reasons in the mean time:

  1. should I only use OpenWrt name and not LEDE Project?
  2. should I keep the forum links in or should I replace them with something like "look for thread on OpenWrt/LEDE Project forum"?

I think that nobody knows. So far the merger plan (in the mailing list) just says "TBD" ... both forums and wikis will remain as they are...

wiki / forum

  • TBD
  • asking in either forum/wiki will get a biased vote so keep them both
  • start a separate discussion regarding these post remerge
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Since the snapshot images have already been renamed to OpenWrt, I guess you should only use OpenWrt.

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Nothing unresolved actually but all around this have been troublesome, I got support for some devices that I have on OpenWrt but not on LEDE (my PogoPlug Mobile for example), I got on LEDE but not on OpenWrt, I wanted to download LEDE a few days ago and all links were redirected to the same but in filename on the URL was replaced by OpenWrt, resulting on 404 error (I got to use a mirror), I read that this forum will not be anymore or be migrated to the old interface of the forum (this forum at least to me is by far more easier to deal that the previous one. Even people writing tend to be more concise actually, and collaborative, etc etc....

It seems that I overreacted, I apologize for that.

To be decided... It would be great to have both on same interface, no problem if we have and, hope the main devs put a poll to ask what to do, something like:

  • design the new interface on the old forum software (some knows if it a phpbb or something? (This will be laborous and take time, but maybe it was done already on internet)
  • migrate all userbase and topics/threads/messages to new database (I offer to do it by myself, since I'm experienced programmer and dealing with databases). On new software it should be easier to put a user choseable new theme to look like the old forum, in that way, old users will be able to avoid longing-nostalgia
  • Keep all as is, but just change the (since they probably will be shutdown or redirect to or

Hope they decide something good about it.

Yeah, although I am not quite that optimistic.
In the merger discussions on the mailing list, some of the "Openwrt side" guys wanted to maintain the feel and look of the old Openwrt website etc. as a condition for merger.

Personally I prefer LEDE forum, website and wiki, as they look a decade more modern than the corresponding Openwrt ones, and the forum software enables person-targeting with @ and liking/scoring etc. things that are expected nowadays.

(I am the #2 poster on the Openwrt forum, so I have a enough experience of both sides to compare... )

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I was of the opinion that this request (old look & feel) was only related to the wiki, not the forum, but I might be wrong.

That is an horrible idea... If they do that it will be a shame... I've use a lot OpenWRT, never wanted to deal with old forum because is seems like a mess, even contribute in the Wiki feels wrong, but in this forum is a pleasure to ask and help and even follow all new topics and updates. And the new Wiki seems to be better too.

Gentlemen, you can submit to the vote which site to use, let forum users vote which forum is more helpful for they!
I would like, this forum to remain active!

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Ouch. While I wasn't a big fan of discourse at first, once you get used to it, it is definitely superior to the old forum software. Same with the new web-site/wiki -- I've had to edit a device page on the old wiki and I've created a draft page on the new wiki and it's been a night and day experience.

I'd second the idea to move old wiki and old forum to something like and and use the new forum and wiki instead. I realise tho that there's a tonne of information which would be impractical to migrate from old wiki to the new one, however if we keep old devices in the old wiki and cherry-pick popular devices to migrate to the new wiki and the new device pages will be created in the new wiki -- in a few years all modern devices will be in the new wiki anyways.

Web-site, forum and the wiki are the user-facing side of the project, keeping the old versions of them is an insult to the user base. As much as I personally prefer the OpenWrt name to the LEDE Project name (brand recognition and google-ability being main reasons) if I had a vote, I'd vote no-merge if there were conditions on the web-site, forum or wiki content or look restrictions.

The "Openwrt side" should be applauded for fostering and developing project for many years, but now should just make peace with what happened and turn the domain control over to Thomas and his team (Richard, Alberto).


@stangri I couldn't agree more.

It comes across too much as keeping up appearances. I can understand you want to keep the name because of recognisability. But identical forum and wiki layout... That's just windowdressing if you ask me. The OpenWrt wiki has a lot of information, but it's very cluttered.

Frankly I don't find the LEDE wiki (and the integration with the frontpage) easy to navigate either, but at least it's a clean slate.

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I do not know about you but i do not care how wiki looks as long as it contains information that i am searching for. I frequently find myself searching through old openwrt wiki and i always find what i want. It has a LOT of information in it.

And this is one of the reasons why nobody is proposing to take the information off-line... As far as I can tell the only question is which forum/wiki to use for new content post-merger...

Answer to the question in the topic: Announcing the OpenWrt/LEDE merge

I meant after the merge. I have no complaints about LEDE. Always thought the drink recipies & naming schemes for WRT were silly and unprofessional.

oh sure. precise pangolin is also unprofesional

How about the Android namings? lollipop, cream sandwitch (I actually always hated those) etc... or Mac OS lion, mountain lion, etc. or the The Zen of Python, or the Microsoft "Creators Update" ¿Creators?... or in hardware the so perfectly aligned electronics components on the Steve Jobs pre-release audited electronic board even with the drawback to be electrically and heat inefficient or the some many easter eggs in computer hardware and software... that this gives uniqueness and some kind of loving value to the programmers communitys, so, maybe they seems to be unprofessional, but there is nothing more professional that a thing so wanted to be done with care about and interest on be well made, that have printed their own personal mark by their creator. Sorry, it is late and I am tired, so I write this :smile: