[OpenWrt/LEDE merge] Which forum software do users want for the future?

The OpenWrt/LEDE merge is on the way, and the question comes up, what to do with the two forums. Just to get an impression what you out there (the users of the forums) want for the future:

  • I prefer the OpenWrt forum (PunBB)
  • I prefer the LEDE forum (Discourse)

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Please vote and leave your comments ("I like/don't like it because...") in a reply to this posting.

OpenWrt forum has the charm & functionality of LuCI plus (default!) OpenWrt Design! :wink:

I hope same poll is held in the OpenWrt forum and I am curious what their result looks like ;- )

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Hi I vote for I prefer the OpenWrt forum (PunBB)
This forum is verry hard to use with a screenreader for blind people.


That is if the forum supports polls and you find an admin and can convince him to open a poll.

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Consider using the mail gateway feature to interact with the Discourse forum.

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The wink suggests you're joking... I do hope so... But I'm not sure :stuck_out_tongue:

Just a sort of sarcasm. OpenWrt forum & Luci default OpenWrt theme are always like a time tunnel - back to the 80s ... music was best, design was horrible ... :joy:


Another vote for LEDE forum!

An improvised poll in the OpenWrt forum has started, and guess what? :- )

I guess OpenWrt forum will vote for OpenWrt forum and Discourse forum will vote for Discourse forum. Is that what you wanted to get at?

I don't want to get anywhere ←↓→ but yes, I expect bias and I am curious because I find it obvious that Discourse is way better ;- )

LEDE please. WRT has become too much of a disorganized labrynth. Sometimes it's easier just to burn the old house down.

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While I like certain posting features of PunBB, such as:

  • Certain markdown features:
    • utilizing color and font brackets to accentuate context
      • Discourse does not support, at least that I'm aware of, as it mimics GitHub's markdown options
  • Allowing raw editing of lists, specifically new line spacing
    • Discourse formats lists too close together, with no way to add a new line in between the last bullet and next new line
      • It will show the proper format spacing in the preview, but not once posted (hence the period on the next line)

Discourse allows a far more efficient, comprehensive user experience:

  • PMs
    • PMs haven't worked on OpenWrt's forum for several years (at least 3)
  • User mentioning and notification of mention
    • OpenWrt's forum does not support this
  • Better notifications in general
  • Thread search
    • This is the most damning feature OpenWrt's forum is lacking, creating an environment where it becomes non-user-friendly and next to impossible for users to help themselves.
      • The most extreme example of what happens without thread search, the WRT AC Series thread, at a whopping 14,890 posts long

I don't care much about which type of forum software is in use, as long all people are friendly and I quickly can find the information I'm looking for.

Personally I don't mind the old-school look of the OpenWRT forum... the LEDE forum can be bit too flashy and chaotic sometimes (when I used it for the first time it took some time to get used to it) :wink: But I don't mind either way.

I fixed the CSS to introduce some margin after the list. You can introduce forced spaces using the <br> markup.
Theoretically it should be possible to support a subset of BBcode as well, will look into it.


Well, that's interesting. Lede forum ahead 2 to 1. It's still early tho.

I prefer the OpenWrt forum (PunBB): 6
I prefer the LEDE forum (Discourse): 12

I had an account there but it appears openwrt forum lost it. Had to make a new one.

Sorry! The page could not be loaded.

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Is this some kind of joke? Someone actually prefers the old forum that's unchanged in 10 years? If that happens I'm not going to use the forum.

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Working again.