OpenWrt lancache

Hi there!,

So since some time I have a Mochabin with 1tb drive and I was checking if it would be possible to run lancache (steam caching) on this via docker.

it seems the standerd version did not work because the platform was not supported, however I found a fork which do run the docker image on arm based models:

so far it seems to 'work' but I have difficulties setting the 53 port in this container.

it seems dnsmasq uses port 53 aswell, so I thought of using my container like: -p 5454:53/tcp -p 5454:53/udp from how I understand it 5454 would be the host port and 53 internal in the container?

then I set in the dnsmasq as forwarder: but it doesn't seem to cache.

anyone has experience with docker and or lancache on openwrt?

so far this is what I have in my containers (im very newby with this), I also tried to bridge monolithic before I reset it, atm I have set all my global firewall forwarding to allow (not a good idea for production because it allows all to other zones)

thanks for the help ! :slight_smile: