OpenWrt installation on Xiaomi Mi WiFi Nano (R1CL)

Hello friends...

I have a question ... I have a Xiaomi nano r1cl router And I would like to update it to OpenWRT.
I have a question, how should I do it, can I do it like in tplink ?? Select in the administrator options update ??

Second question. Is this firmware suitable ??

I don't want to kill my router;)

For downloads and installation instructions see the Xiaomi Mi WiFi Nano devicepage:

for my part

  1. ssh root@
  2. scp YOUR-FIRMWARE.bin root@ exec on your pc
  3. cd /tmp && mtd write YOUR-FIRMWARE.bin firmware
    my problem
    can't open 'u-boot' device when flash breed.bin to u-boot
    a method is flash firmware with unlock