OpenWrt installation on TP-Link TD-W8970 v1

Hi guys,

I'm trying to install OpenWrt 19.07.2 on my TP-Link TD-W8970v1 ADSL Router and need some help.

I am following the official guide here. I am following the web interface hack as I do not have access to a serial connection.

I have access to machines running Windows 10, Mac OS Mojave and Linux (Lubuntu 18.04).

Other useful information:

  1. Router firmware version
  2. ISP connection type
  3. DSL line stats

Reported TP-Link FW Builds this approach has been used successfully:
D-W8970 V1: 140613 (This is my router model and current firmware)

Found further instructions but not sure how to proceed with them.

I've read some posts that say "Rumours are that with the recent OpenWrt that you need to take care that the image you write to mtd2 needs to be extended with 0xff characters to the end of the partition" What does that mean?

Thanks guys! Let me know if there is any missing info.

Did you see the device info page which has details information for installing OpenWrt on that unit?

Yes. It doesn't say what to do after "telnet 1023 (User: admin Password: 1234 )".

Got it working. Followed the steps on the W9980 page.

You mean TD-W9980, not TD-W8990, right?

Yes sorry, my bad. I edited it in case any others have the same problem.

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