OpenWrt installation on MR200


i run dd command according to documentation to extract bootloader i want to make sure it's the correct one for this firmware (because this is not the EU version)

dd bs=512 obs=512 skip=1 count=256 if=ArcherMR200_stock_firmware.bin of=ArcherMR200_bootloader.bin

also i have prepared "ArcherC2V1_tp_recovery.bin" file with OpenWrt 21.02.1 if someone can verify it for me.

Thanks in advance.

Any help well be appreciated. @gurangax

is your router version 1?
Also is your router from any particular ISP such as Orange/Amena?

Yes, @gurangax it's version 1
and it is tplink stock not from ISP

the version of the firmware that i have used to extract the bootloader, it's the same that i have on my device ( ) it's older comparing to EU version, but it's the latest available for my device
check it :

this is the ArcherC2V1_tp_recovery.bin that i have prepared

From what i see, yes this is the correct ArcherC2V1_tp_recovery.bin file.

Thank you so much @gurangax, it did work with no problem.

I really appreciate your time and effort

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