OpenWrt installation in dlink Dir-600M c1

Have a router dlink 600M c1

How to flash openwrt
What I find so far

But it is for dlink dir600M a1
B1 devices but don't know about c1 can any one help I want to install it. If C1 and b1 a1 same then and if you guys help me I will flash it I really want to switch to a open firmware please help thanks
My current system
And want to know is this openwrt support
For WiFi repeater mode as I need this also.

If they're the same, the device is pretty much useless, since it only have 4mb flash, and 32mb RAM.

Read the warning in the link you posted, or the long(er) version at

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Also, the last version available to run OpenWrt on that device was 17.01.1

It's no longer supported.

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Dear user lowly named "Routerhackman",

Dir600 A1 and B1 use Ralink RT3050 and they have 4MB Flash, 32 MB RAM

Dir-600 C1 uses Ralink RT3350, and it has 2MB flash, 8MB RAM.

It is possible to use OpenWrt with DIR600 A1 and B1, mainly for simple tasks, as a Wifi repeater; but, everytime the system reboots, you need to config it again. You can circunvent this limitation building your own firmware image, or setting up an external configuration script (using ssh to upload config files and to restart network and firewall services).

But, unfortunatelly, there is no way of using OpenWrt with DIR600-C1, which has less memory than A1 or B1.

Just for precision: The OP is not talking about DIR-600 C1, but about DIR-600M C1. (Although I doubt that it makes a difference flash/RAM wise).

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