OpenWrt infront of pfsense


I have a existing pfsense router to which i would like a mobile broadband. Pfsense is not very good with mobile broadband so I have an openwrt router in the upstream of pfsense. The ISP provides a CG-NAT address to the openwrt router and openwrt router provides a RFC1918 dhcp lease to the pfsense router.

At the moment the internet is not available on the pfsense clients. However, the openwrt router is connected to the ISP as i can ping to the internet hosts. Is there anything i need to enable/disable on openwrt to get internet working on pfsense clients.


define adequately

Openwrt wan is connected to the ISP modem. Pfsense is connected to the openwrt Lan interface.

If the subnets are numbered identically (e.g., you'll need to renumber one of them.

I had to setup an Outbound NAT on the pfsense router and now the clients can reach the internet.

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Will OpenWrt work well on this router? And would it be a good performance? I would like VPN and other services there.

STH lite reading.

so it seems that this model could be ok

Then you should probably keep reading the STH thread ...

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