OpenWrt in VMware Testing

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today i tested OpenWrt on installed on my VmWare environment . Succesfully setup lan ip and opened login page on browser but i can't login. I had try with blank password ( as default not set) and password "root" like user but doesnt work. So what password should I enter? Or is there some other problem?

Open vmware console and press Enter. You should be able to access the shell directly (without username/password). Change the root password using passwd

In this version there is a policy on the complexity of passwords that normally does not exist (it must be kept in mind if you want to try it). I've set a sufficiently strong password and I'm in. Thank you! Now I have to understand why sometimes the page of the various menus does not open for me.

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OpenWrt doesn't produce any VMware specific images (it's just emulated x86_64, after all; you can install it normally from original images within a couple of minutes), if you install random OVA images from dropbox (as that wiki article seems to imply), all bets are off (including security, malware, suitability for the purpose, etc), though.

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Besides that wiki article being 7+ years outdated in several points, at least the dropbox links in that wiki article (and probably that whole "Quick Start" section) should be nuked with prejudice. OpenWrt does not distribute images via anonymous dropbox folders for several very good reasons.

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A clarification, the page is old but at the bottom there is a link with a 21.xx. so the firmware is much newer. Once installed I have updated all the available packages but I do not intend to put it into production but are for feasibility checks (which in my opinion should be officially evaluated).

@tmomas how to deal best with the wiki article? Personally, I agree with takimata that these links should be removed with prejudice.

If you think they should be removed, just go ahead.

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