OpenWrt in a tight waterproof enclosure

I'm quite new to network hardware/software configuration, but I'm willing to learn. I usually like to tinker a bit before asking, but for that project I'm a bit scared to jump in, so I'd appreciate some feedback on my ideas first.
I have in mind an experimental setup idea, for which I drew a sketch:

  • I'm thinking of OpenWRT because I'd like to gather data from the access point, such as number of connections and their quality.
  • I'm thinking of Raspberry PI mostly because I have a very tight space available (and I have a 3B+ on hand). I will need a wifi dongle to extend the number of device connection, as I've read it here.
  • I'm thinking using Power over Ethernet to have a single cable between the technical box and the waterproof enclosure. For that I need some PoE modules and a power injector.
  • Eventually, depending on some data thresholds defined on the RPI, I'd like to control actuators using an Arduino. For the RPI to communicate with the Arduino using a RJ45 cable, I assume I'll need a switch.

Am I correct on my hardware assumptions?
Any advice will be welcome!
Many thanks

Get a AP something like eap225-outdoor (think we already have support for that one if I remember right) for the waterproof idea you have or run it with oem firmware.

It is cheaper and actually works in the real outside environment, or else you need heating or cooling and moisture handling to get the oscillators and electronics to work.

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Not to mention that RPi onboard wifi is garbage and there are no good dongles either.

There are, but they're not watertight.

Thanks for your quick replies!

My initial idea was to include the dongle into the sealed enclosure.

This looks very good, thank you!

Depending on material, it could become a faradays cage...