Openwrt hello world for cavium Econa cns3410 problems

I am complete newbie and basically i try to build hello world for architecture cavium Econa cns3410. I only need to make one application for the firmware and i already have ability to upload files on target basically only need to cross compile using openwrt toolchain because i was unable to find anywhere toolchain for cavium econa. Because of this simple task i followed tutorial here i cloned from git openwrt and installed feeds. Now problem comes: i do make menuconfig and there is no option for Cavium Econa, there is only option for cavium octeon. But i look on openwrt website and there should be support for Networks Econa CNS3xxx
Can somebody help me, is there a way to find already prebuilt toolchain for this target or somehow add it to menuconfig?

The cns3xxx support was dropped in commit You will need to use the openwrt-19.07 branch. After you git clone openwrt change to the openwrt directory and run the following:

# git checkout openwrt-19.07

You will then be using the 19.07 branch which still has support for cns3xx.

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