OpenWrt Fritzbox 4040 unreachable from normal router?

Hello, I have flashed a German Fritz!Box 4040 with OpenWRT. It is working normal, but there is one problem: I am unable to access it from my home router. The adress of the box is It is able to connect to the internet though (but no IPv6 connection).

How do you connect the Fritz with your home router? LAN-LAN? WAN-LAN?
What is the IP/mask of the home router?
Also post here the following from Fritz:

uci show network; uci show firewall; uci show dhcp; \
ip -4 addr ; ip -4 ro ; ip -4 ru; \
ip -6 addr ; ip -6 ro ; ip -6 ru; \
iptables-save; ip6tables-save; \
head -n -0 /etc/firewall.user; \
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thanks for the quick reply.
I must say that I‘m an absolute newbie to OpenWRT. The 4040 has got one WAN port that I have connected to LAN 2 of the FB 7490. I‘ll post a console output for you tomorrow.

The WAN connection on the OpenWrt does not allow incoming connections, as it is normally connected to the internet, and it would not be safe.

I would first try to avoid the double-NAT setup you have now. If that is absolutely impossible, then you need to open ports 22, 80, and 443 on the WAN network.

yes, I want to avoid a double NAT setup. How can I still pass through incoming requests (the 4040 is supposed to be used as a VPN).

Oh, as well: The subnet is enabled, and there is a static route in the 7490 to the subnet of the 4040 ( The Firewall is completely open. What can I do?

You can post the output of the commands mentioned earlier. To access the router with SSH connect to the LAN port and follow the guide here.