Openwrt freezes when client network unavailable

The router is connected to my phone (WiFi tethering, SSID GL) as a client. Works well, but when I stop tethering on the phone, the router freezes.
If I restart the router, it wont start again if GL is inaccessible.
How to prevent the router from freezing ?

firewall.@zone[1].network='wan wan6 wwan 3g wan2 E3372 GL'

If I understand you well, the router's WiFi becomes unavailable when the network it's connected to is unavailable.

This is known and for a reason.

A work around that is installing a package called Travelmate.

For more info, there are several posts about that in the forum. Just search for Travelmate.


Thanks for your replay! Following your advice I tried travelmate, but finally gave up.
I've added this to cron and it works fine.

if iwinfo | grep -q "ESSID: unknown"; then uci set wireless.@wifi-iface[2].disabled=1; uci commit; wifi reload; fi