OpenWRT forum is down


It's been 3 days since I tried to access the openwrt forum and it does not load, but is someone with this problem?

Apparently was on same hardware as the name server. I wonder if anyone actually was backing up the forum db if indeed it's dead...

I also noted that the development mail reflector is down. While I'm not signed up, I was watching the progress toward the next firmware release.

i have a small confession. i usually check in the openwrt forum every now and then to see if there is any significant development i need to investigate and learn. since the openwrt forum has been down for several days now, i am now checking in the lede forum more often these past few days and i must say it's taking me some time to adjust to a different format and i think that's ok too. i often wonder when or if both forums will converge into one for us to collaborate and share our openwrt/lede experiences. thank you to all the developers and contributors in squeezing more functionalities out of our devices.

Based on developer mailing list discussion, the Openwrt forum was hosted at the same site as the broken DNS servers. Sounds like there is uncertainty if the forum will get restored as the admins in Hungary are rather uncommunicative.

The current plan seems to be that there will be a new landing page for the old Openwrt forum that will point here.


I appreciate someone finally communicating with the public and making a statement about what has happened to the forum.

I guess Imre didn't make any backups..

Did anyone have backed up at least wiki of that site? I somehow knew that it would be lost i always wanted to backup that how to info from that page, but did not know how. Is wiki information saved from that site? Or do we have lost everything?

Today websites are not relible.This is second time website i needed has failed. First was Cyanogenmod. The were so irresponsible that they just shut down all download links from that page.

The old openwrt wiki is online but in read-only mode.

For example this is the old wiki page about Network configuration:

There is a new page but it seems to be missing information. Where is route6?

One resource that may be valuable until the challenges with the housing provider are resolved would be

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Somebody posted wayback machine.... It's a good resource.

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same problem