OpenWrt for Zyxel WSM20 (Multy M1) development discussion

I had issues setting up WDS with 5 GHz as well. Did you try with 2.4 GHz?

Thanks @andyboeh - my description was indeed a bit unprecise. I'm using WDS to use one WSM20 as range extender and distributing the traffic to both WiFi interfaces:

WSM20 (AP mode with WDS) <--- 5GHz WiFi ---> WSM20 (STA with WDS) + AP 2.4 GHz WiFi

Also thanks @falver - your post was pushing me investigating the topic a bit deeper, for me it looks like AX in combination with >20 MHz channel width is triggering the issue independently if the 2.4 or 5 GHz interface is used.

2.4 GHz with 20 Mhz channel (in AX mode) is indeed working perfectly. For 5 GHz in my situation I'm not sure if it isn't working due to software issues or due to insufficient signal quality / reach.

@andyboeh when will the changes for the WSM20 be pushed to the stable branch?

New device support is always added to snapshot, i.e. the main branch in git. All new devices will automatically be part of the next stable release, so it's going to be in 23.05. New devices are almost never backported to older stable branches like 22.03.

Can i revert easily back to stock firmware? Tried looking for a solid answer in the thread but could not find anything specific. Utter noob with openWRT, but looking into getting it to work. Currently debating wether to return the units or not (running stock firmware ATM which is proving to be unstable) The only thing keeping me from flashing my units is the return to stock firmware for returning them!

Sure. You only have to flash the Original firmware you can find the link in this long conversation (use the search to find it). It's pretty straight forward, you can do it with dd but you have to flash it in the partition that it's currently booting.

In case you fail, you will need to install the UART to access via serial and restore it with uboot.

So before doing anything I would recommend to extend the uboot time in the console (check also some messages in the beginning to know how to do this), because the good @andyboeh did not respect my proposal to extend to 5 seconds the U-boot loader for "universal loading", so you can't simply grab the first TTL you find on Amazon but you will need to find a fricking CP2102 USB to TTL device to boot it on time without a hassle (considering that this firmware will have wiped the recovery mode, and in case you fail, you won't be able to load either openwrt, neither a recovery mode to modify this parameter).

Just check the Wiki page:

@SirLouen IIRC, you managed to do it with the 3s timeout that is set. And @Annick found a simple way to mod the TTL adapter so that it works (mine work all properly).


Thanks for the quick replies, i found one working MEGA link sent over by @Annick, "Zyxel.7z", however no zyxel.bin is present in the directories. As stated before, im an utter noob in regards to OpenWRT, and looking through all the comments in this thread i did not find a clear answer on how to get back to stock firmware.
I did read the wiki in regards to flashing back to stock, however also that proved to not really help me.
Care to explain to me on what the process is?

Because I exactly knew what to expect and I had to do an ultra fast operation. Personally I still set it manually at 5 sec straight when I flash. But if you are new, you are going to cry with 3 secs. Also the Annick idea was just theoretical AFAIK and involved modding the TTL (therefore it won't be useful for other purposes which require such!). I think that when a device has such low compatibility serial models more measures should be taken in order to be more comfortable for everyone!. I still remember first times I had to go serial on new devices, and the uncertainty of what I was going to find.

FWchecksum=b601f1ee260460e4107345003f82b7f4 FWSize=22020100 FWDate=2022-05-12 NoteURL= FWVersion=V1.00(ABZF.4)C0 BuildNumber=1650592272 Version1905=1 ZapiVersion=1644986547

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Available on the zyxel store in a pack of 3 for 79.90€

Maybe price is geofenced? Shows as 199 € here.

Here is what i see here in France :


once flashed with openwrt, it makes you 3 AX routers for -27€ :sunglasses:

@shdf , if you have one spare and already flashed with OpenWrt, I am interested :wink:

Jokes apart, it seems too difficult for a newbie like me to flash it, therefore is anybody buys the kit and do not use all the units, it could be a good idea to sell some of them to newcomers like me :slight_smile: I just need to understand how to isolate devices (if this Zyxel can do it), I wrote my newbie questions in another post: Complete Isolate vulnerable WiFi clients from rest of LAN but allow internet access - #5 by N2OWrt

Nice price, but it shows €199,90 for me, too.

Anyway, @N2OWrt I would send you a PM, but I can't since your profile is hidden. Please contact me via PM if you are interested in a device with OpenWrt pre-flashed.

Jokes apart, it seems too difficult for a newbie like me to flash it, therefore is anybody buys the kit and do not use all the units, it could be a good idea to sell some of them to newcomers like me :slight_smile:

It's actually very simple and can be done through the stock web interface as described on the device page

I understand you, some ages ago I moved to dd-wrt because I found openwrt daunting since shell is 99% of the management and since this is an experimental build the interface LUCI won't be available to you at first. But nowadays there are a ton of guides that show you exactly what you have to put in each configuration file to make it work.

The first installation part is a piece of cake because it's simply going to the original firmware updating place and putting there te file to update.

But if you don't do an effort to understand the shell part, you won't be able to use OpenWrt to its fullest, so I would stick to the original firmware since you will get overall more functionality than just getting an OperWrt already flashed router and not knowing what to do next, apart from touching 3 things in the LUCI interface.

Available on Amazon for the same price (79,90) in various countries:

Fantastic price for this device with OpenWRT installed (with OEM firmware it's rubbish and would not even pay €25 for all the instability experienced).


Even cheaper in Finland, Zyxel Multy M1 WiFi 6 Whole Home WiFi System 3-Pack (WSM20-EU0301F) |

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@falver what is this interesting application you're using here to see all the prices in all countries ?