OpenWrt for TP-Link TL-MR6400 v3

Hi, is there any support for TP-Link TL-MR6400 V3.
Or guide for newbie to compile from source code instead.

TP-Link Web
HW Layout

Looks like you can compile for this platform to get it working. Which version and region device is yours?

Hi... this APAC version..... Im from malaysia.... i think same EU version only difference is the Adapter..
Mine 12v 1A.. want to try?

What does the sticker on the bottom of the device say, for hardware revision, on yours?

OK - so there appears to be an appreciable difference (possibly in hardware). Don't have time to 'try' right now.


You own EU model? ok thanks

Yes - exactly. EU only.


If you have time to test my firmware... here i attach the link to download
i add few line to & qmi.js... also add script for WAN & SIGNAL STRENGTH led

need to reboot after finish flashing...

thank you...

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