Openwrt for this chinese cheap router

Any compatible OpenWrt version with this Shenzhen chinese cheap router?

It is almost certainly not supported now... Can it be? Chances are, no.

But the information you have given is not even close to sufficient to determine if it would even be possible.

start here:

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The first question would always be "what does the ToH say?" As it is rather immaterial if a device 'would' theoretically be supportable, unless anyone actually does it.

Your pictures don't give any insight about its innards or the chances, so we still aren't any wiser. Things that aren't looking promising (at all):

  • some kind of integrated fibre modem
    OpenWrt currently doesn't have any kind of GPON support (and likely won't ever)
  • phone features in the router
    • likely Broadcom := no support at all, never going to happen
    • if lantiq, well maybe partial support for the analogue FXS ports (but setting up asterisk and chan_lantiq cannot really be considered a walk in the park); DECT, no, not going to happen either
    • if econet := no support at all

So while we still don't know if it would be supportable, I wouldn't hold my breath - and if it were, it would only be partial and the development work would be up to you.

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Didn't like the nos you got at reddit?

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