Openwrt for rk3528

anyone build openwrt for rockchip rk3528 ?


Is it supported by mainline Linux ?

sorry im don't understand.

What part ?

tv box h96 max

Try answering the questions, instead of posting pointless pictures of the product box...

open your eyes, look at the text over the image

understand the question ...

how does it answer anything?
and if that's the answer (to what ?), why did you post the photo ?

useless conversation, thanks for answering

Pretty basic question. Can you answer?

i don't know, this mainline linux or not but device runing android 13 im alredy post image.

There are no tv boxes supported by openwrt.

If you want support you will need to do the porting yourself, as you have the device in hand.

Couldn't help myself and checked the linux support - currently there isn't any - SOC is too new. However, this is supposedly a minor upgrade to the rk3328 which does have mainline support. So if you ported openwrt using the rk3328 device trees you could find that it works on your device as well.

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then it's probably a no, but there's always google.

that doesn't say anything, and doesn't answer the question you were asked 4 days ago.
it's like getting the question "does your car run on diesel or petrol?", and you replying "it has four doors".

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Thank you very much, your answer is very clear :+1:

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