Openwrt for Raspberry Pi4 access point

Hello everyone!
I have questions plz help me, I really tired with my Raspberry pi 4.
I have Raspberry pi 4 model B ram 4GB now I want to make my raspberry to Access Point by openwrt and work together with Adguard home. Plzz someone help me.

Am really sorry because my English not so good!

RPi4 will be a very limited access point, the onboard antennas are tiny and basically it's good for just 1 room and low speeds basically. Fine if you're using it as a travel router in a hotel room perhaps.

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well, depends on what you are satisfied with. I've been using rpi for 4-5 years with no real issues. For my HO the apprx 50Mbps download and 15Mbps upload speed in general is satisfactory. 2-3 laptops, 2-3 cells are always on for WAN connections and never had problems regarding speed. That's true that router is in visual distance from everywhere and no walls in between. But repeater can be added for just in case or other solutions there are too, eg. external antenna etc. I would say try it and decide.

agreed. if you're within sight of the RPi and satisfied with 50Mbps and single band no beamforming no MIMO etc then it can work. I'd suggest people don't try it unless they know they will be within sight and are ok with those kinds of speeds.

You could count on one hand the amount of wifi 'problem' posts from experienced (openwrt) users with this board...

For beginners there are about two posts per person... x 50

Hi @anon50098793 I'm not sure what the take home message is there? That those who know what to expect, get what they expect, but that those who are inexperienced they have unreasonable expectations that all wifi devices are the same when in reality antenna arrangement, location, power levels, radio design etc are all important factors? Or was it some other point that I didn't understand?

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no... thats pretty much it... just echo'ing what you guys are saying...

"works fine if your expectations are realistic"
(but for beginners its often more trouble than its worth)

(will be interesting to see if anyone squeezes 1.5-2room operations out if CM4 + external omni)

don't recomment this but relavent...