OpenWrt for monitoring downtimes at my internet service provider

It won't.
The data is collected to a RRD database with 5 different time scales, operating in round-robin fashion. In practice you only have detailed data for the last hour, slightly summarised data for a day, more summarised data for a week, etc. The size of the database does not grow constantly. Depending on the amount of enabled plugins, the database might be 200-600 kB in total.

Regarding storage, you are trying to write to the root of /mnt/sda1 ...
I am not sure if that is possible.

Note that you have not configured it as /mnt/sda1/Openwrt although you have created that directory.

I think that you can't define the root of a device as the storage directory...

Create there "rrd" directory, chmod it to 755 (or even 777), and then configure the directory in RRD plugin config as /mnt/sda1/rrd

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Thanks a lot, pendrive issue is sorted now.
Would be useful if DF plugin would also work to monitor the free space on the USB stick. Currently the tab is not present under Statistics menu dispite the following settings. Do you have any hints?

I'd like to get SFTP working as well, but WinScp gives the following message. Do I need to install any additional plugins?

What SFTP protocol????

Which SFTP server you are trying to use?

Much easier might be to use built-in SCP instead of trying to install some SFTP server program.
(especially as you seem to use WinSCP on the client side, so why not use its native main protocol SCP, which is built-in into the dropbear SSH server in the OpenWrt router)

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Excellent, thanks, I was not aware of SCP should be used here.
And do you know how to get DF plugin working as well? Any settings to be changed shown on my screenshot 3 messages ago?