OpenWrt for Meraki MR20

Anybody knows if the meraki MR20 can be flashed with OpenWRT

There is currently no support for MR20 available, AFAICS.

You are welcome to try adding support, it has a compatible chipset

however I am not sure which chipset exactly...can you provide FCC ID?

the first step is to open the case and remove shields (carefully like a tin lid)

record all the chip models, identify the UART pins for serial console

however the MRxx series is tricky apparently...requires a custom bootloader (?)
probably this depends on the model?

I believe I found it

FCC ID is this?


you can start studying this commit which is very similar to this board;a=commit;h=4943afd7818f56053231a5a7ae90e55da44f1f08

It seems that uboot on these boards to not allow access to the console for TFTP command

you might have to send it in to someone....