OpenWrt for Lenovo ix2-dl 2 bay NAS (kirkwood)

Hi All,

The ix2-dl is a capable marvel 6282 / kirkwood based NAS with two drive bays, 256mb ram and 1gb of nand flash.

After running mine on Debian for many years I have now created openWRT images for this box.

Source, install instructions and pre-build images (19.07 and 21.02 rc4) are available on github;

Install requirements;

  • usb to tty-serial adapter, connected to the tty header on the ix2 mainboard. Header is populated from the factory. Easiest access is through the front panel - remove the panel, drives, remove 5 screws and the header is available on the lower right hand side.

  • ext2 formatted usb drive or (preferably) tftp server.


  • Sata
  • Networking
  • usb
  • fan and temp control

Not Working;

  • nothing - build works fine in my testing.

Performance is good for file sharing and disk access.

Any questions feel free to ask here or GitHub issues page.

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Hi all,

21.02.0 release images are now available on GitHub.

Issue with nand has been addressed, the full 1gig is now accessible in my latest images.