OpenWrt Firmware for Swisscom Internet Box 3

i'm looking for a OpenWRT Firmware, for the Swisscom Internet Box 3, but i diddent found something on the ToH

Thanks for some Information

That means the device is not supported.

I know, but is it posible, to get a universal OpenWrt Installation when i get the SoC?

No, embedded devices need specific images tailored to their hardware and internal configuration. It's not like an x86 system where you can install any x86 operating system, unfortunately.

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Depending on SoC (I haven't checked which one it is), it could perhaps be supported, but you'd be the one doing the legwork associated with the porting ...

I make a teardown, it is a bcm63153b1vkfsbg.

I post later the other Chips.

Is there a beginners Guide to compile the Firmware?

and that's effectively already a death penalty (no drivers for xDSL, phone, wireless, etc.).