OpenWrt Firmware for Archer c6 v3.2

Yes you can

how, i mean without UART

Check 113th reply in this forum.. @dsouza has uploaded stripped firmware .you can flash the firmware directly from Luci to revert to stock rom

Yeah, it works. And thank you @dsouza.

The new update is almost ready for release but I don't see it in the Stable channel yet.

This 21.02.3 will not include support to the Archer C6 v3.

The next version that will start including support to Archer C6 v3 is 22.03. You can download the snapshot builds of 22.03 here. Notice that albeit being a snapshot image and therefore not a stable channel, the 22.03 snapshot builds includes LuCI by default and they are is more stable than the master snapshots.

Anyway please see below about using unreleased stable versions (such as 21.02.3 and 19.07.10):

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Is everything working on 22.03 snapshot?

Don't include luci*

I tested two days ago the 22.03 an official snapshot and it did include LuCI:

That's new, thanks for clarification.
Anyways what's the diff b/w 22.03 snapshot and only snapshot?

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I've flashed the official 22.03 snapshot but my 5 GHz Wifi connection drops all of a sudden - I haven't tested 2.4 Ghz, I need 5 Ghz. I do get good speeds even on wifi when it works, from what I've tried - 350 Mbit/s download and 500 Mbit/s upload on a 500 Mbit connection. I'd say that's even better than it was on stock. Over Ethernet I get as much as I was getting on the stock ROM and it's stable.
This is no minor issue to my usage, I understand from this topic that the 21.02 unofficial snapshots had the same issue, do you believe that the stable release will manage to get dropping Wifi connection fixed or will this be a reoccuring problem? Was there any unofficial ROM with a stable 5 Ghz Wifi connection?

I am having no major 5Ghz issues with 22.03 snapshot images on the Archer c6 v3.2.

Are you using WPA3?

My Wifi is using "WPA2-PSK" and "Force CCPM (AES)". This is a secure and most compatible configuration.

You may also try disabling "Disassociate On Low Acknowledgement" in the advanced Wifi settings to see there is any improvement on the issue you are having.

I am using WPA2-PSK for compatibility but not forced CCPM, I've forced it now and disabled what you wrote. Thank you, I will try out the new configuration and come back after testing.

Well, it didn't take long, my connection dropped again even in the new configuration, without being used and less than 2 meters from the router.

Is there any error message in the log?

Are you on a radar channel for 5Ghz?

I also flashed the official 22.03 snapshot I have problem with 2.4 ghz,range is low and also data transfer (download) decreases drastically with distance this is not the case with stock rom. 5ghz is ok,the 5 ghz has improved a lot when compared with December openwrt snapshot.i hope official stable version will solve all the issues.

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Right after the disconnect of a few minutes ago I didn't see anything new in the log but then this appeared minutes later
Thu Apr 21 17:18:16 2022 daemon.notice hostapd: wlan1-1: AP-STA-DISCONNECTED [my mac]
Thu Apr 21 17:18:16 2022 hostapd: wlan1-1: [my mac] IEEE 802.11: disassociated due to inactivity
Thu Apr 21 17:18:17 2022 hostapd: wlan1-1: STA [my mac] IEEE 802.11: deauthenticated due to inactivity (timer DEAUTH/REMOVE)
Checking the "Disable inactivity polling" box it disconnected again after a while, with the same 3 log entries and after setting "Station Inactivity Limit" to a ridiculously high number it also disconnected again after a while, with the usual 3 log entries.
Is there some other setting I should try to change?

I might add that I have a custom ROM on my phone without Google Play Services so it doesn't keep sending my data to Google and I also don't keep data collection apps on my phone, this being probably the reason for the "inactivity" of it.

sammo: What do you mean "radar channel"? I'm on the standard channel, channel 36.

I flashed 21.02.3 for the A6 V3 on 4 of my C6 V3 access points 9 hours ago and performance and stability is as expected

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