Openwrt firmware flash to compexwrt os

I use compex wpj563.
This is running on compexwrt os.
I am trying to update with openwrt firmware.
but error.

my openwrt firmware is "*.bin" file.
when run , error ocerd "Bad Firmware Format".
I think compexwrt firmware is "img" file.

how to fix ?

I am trying to flash via ssh.

Did you follow the installation instructions here?

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Thanks for response.
I looked this url.
how to use it?
help me to the end.

The instructions are rather conventional use of serial in the bootloader. It will require:

  • TFTP server installed on PC
  • 3.3v serial adapter
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thanks for reply.

SSH via Ethernet is impossible?

  • Have you read the link?
  • Do you have any questions about the link?

I have read already.
but, i can't get feel to solve.
plz, help me.

I hope detail explanation.
so sorry.

I have no clue what detailed explanation you could need. The instructions are quite clear. This is why I inquired if you have actual questions.

Feel free to ask specific questions about the process.

how to flash firmware to compexwrt os board via ethernet?
possible only serial cable?

The only instructions that exist are those. If you want to try a different method (such as the mtd command, if it exists in compexwrt) you're on your own. Trying things like that is likely to brick the device then you'd (at the least) need to hook up serial to recover.

With an open case customizable board like that you really should be ready to use serial.

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Do you have questions about the TFTP process using serial as noted in the installation instructions?

Since you're asking a question that's clearly not in the instructions, if you want to use Ethernet, you should ask Compex.

Do you have a question about TFTP???

I can only assist with the provided instructions. The instructions use TFTP. I cannot guess another install method, apologies.

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