[openwrt errors, Urgent, Staff needed] System messages forum

can someone from staff, just summarize every that just happened with the 40 system messages

I can not follow anything

also staff

An error occurred: We appreciate your enthusiasm, keep it up! That said, for the safety of our community, you’ve reached the maximum number of replies a new user can create on their first day. Please wait 21 hours and you’ll be able to create more replies.

I know I was banned but I am not a new user

sorry for having to tag you but @slh and your the only staff member I can remember
I need this sorted

sorry but can I actually have an urgent post now
the person helping me thinks I was on about them, when I was on about the system
I am mid conversation and my whole Wi-Fi is broken now

I am really sorry but today a lot has happened here to make me really mad

actually I think a break is probably best for me, I would like to finish that conversation though
To @LilRedDog
thanks for figuring it out, I don't get why this happened

glad we are still good

I have had over 40 system messages and emails today
all my posts was removed then restored
and now I am limited for 21 hours on that thread

and limited here now

I figured it out; we're good.
We can pick it up whenever. A break will give time to check for stability and try some suggestions and see if they solve anything.

Again: we are good.

So my post has been edited, no idea where

And I have been promoted a trust level

Please explain what happened yesterday

Anybody from staff team

Lets just get back to the original thread?

Technically this thread is only for someone from staff team and is totally unrelated to my other thread

What happened yesterday should have never happened or I should have been warned about it

Somebody on staff team seems to have made a mistake or just decided it was time to remove them posts, but then why restore them 5 minutes later

Why delete a picture of my monitor when it could have had useful information

I will leave it a few hours, for my to calm back down, then we’re going to the original thread and forgetting this ever happened

Should I have posted this, are staff not going to like me again, it’s all the truth though

Please just let my get on with sorting this out now staff team, no more distractions

Again staff sorry for everything I did before
That why I am taking a break now

Okay, you sort out what you need to. I'll be back in about 10 hours.

What does "staff" mean?
It usually means employees....
Everyone here is a volunteer and some are admins.... But none are employees.
What kind of volunteer would you like to help you?

the staff team that moderate

when I was getting banned it said staff but clearly was supposed to say admin

This post was flagged by the community and a staff member opted to remove it.

all I want to know is what happened yesterday

what I wanted has been done, I got promoted to a higher tier, so the reply limit should be gone
but why did around 20 threads get removed then restored

Staff in this case is the Discourse forum software definition... moderators and administrators. These are the people who have "Staff" titles per the software (and yes, we're all volunteers)

I have no idea what happened. Yesterday I saw a flood of system spam notifications from your posts. They were existing posts so I don't know what triggered the system to retroactively call them spam (normally it does this only for new posts), and I can't figure out what criteria it was using.

I told the system that your posts were not spam, and that restored them.

That may have also been what helped get your trust level increased (again a system level thing) since the system now had confirmation that your posts were not spam.

But I don't know what kicked off that whole situation... it certainly wasn't a human AFAIK. Sorry for the confusion that it caused. Glad things are now working as expected.

thanks you for explaining it

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