Openwrt Dumb AP + Wireguard?


I have a openwrt router as a setup as a dumb ap right now connected to a pfsense box. As we know pfsense does not have an install for wiregaurd at this time. So I tried to setup wireguard on the dumb ap but I do not get any data back to the phone I am using for testing.

Any recommendation on how someone could set this up?
I used this guide to change to a dumb ap through luci.


Have you added a static route to your wireguard subnet in pfsense via the IP address of the dumb AP? (Which isn't completely dumb since it has to route between the lan and the wireguard network.)

While I don't run pfSense, I do run FreeBSD, and there is both a Go and a Rust implementation available

Can confirm that the go version works fine in FreeBSD
As for pfsense it seems like you need to compile it by yourself for now (

I marked @mikma as the solution and it was this video also helped me visualize what I needed to do.

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