OpenWrt Discord server

Hi people I have made a Discord server for people to come and have a chat about OpenWrt or anything you like really.

This link is good for 7 days. If you ever want a new one then pleas dm me on the OpenWrt help twitter.
If people know more places that people talk about OpenWrt pleas add to this thread.
I just want to add that official developer contact is still thru irc.
You can find more about Communication within the OpenWrt Project at this link.


I have now added a new Channel for tech-reviews-and-articles. We have voice chat. Come on down and join in!

new Channel for talk about firewalls. There is 27 people on the server now.

More channels added to the server and they are not all about OpenWrt.
If any one wants a channel making just ping me. If your doing community builds you can have a channel.

OK boomer!

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Update invite link:

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fresh link, please

Hi pleas try this one.

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