OpenWRT client speed slow

I purchased Ubiquiti's powerbeam and replaced it with openwrt to connect to an AP (TL-WDR7300) installed 1km away from the cabin.
I've been implementing wireless connectivity using the pbe-m5-400 for several years.
However, I recently bought and replaced pbe-5ac-en2, but I can't update in terms of speed.
Comparing the performance of pbe-m5-400 and pbe-5ac-gen2, there is a 3x performance difference.
The problem was that it was inferior to pbe-m5-400.

Please answer what is the cause.

The openwrt version I used for pbe-5ac-gen2 is 22.03.5 and I built it with only luci added to the default settings.

Did you set the Distance Optimization in wireless?

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lleachii thanks for reply, and so sorry for late.
I'll set following your solution and report the result to you.

The problem is that the distance optimization setting is not turned on even on pbe-m5-400.
Why is a better device slower on the same setup?

I set it to 1000 in the current distance optimization item, but there is no big change.