Openwrt cannot change the channel

The router is the Xiaomi Mi Router 4A Gigabit Edition, and the OpenWrt version is OpenWrt 08.14.2023 by Kiddin' / LuCI Master git-24.217.81903-505c50f. The router's chip is ramips/mt7621.In the Wi-Fi settings options, I cannot find any options to change the channel, whether it's 2.4GHz or 5GHz. My country code is cn, and changing it to us doesn't make a difference. How can this be resolved? Thank you.

It appears you are using firmware that is not from the official OpenWrt project.

When using forks/offshoots/vendor-specific builds that are "based on OpenWrt", there may be many differences compared to the official versions (hosted by Some of these customizations may fundamentally change the way that OpenWrt works. You might need help from people with specific/specialized knowledge about the firmware you are using, so it is possible that advice you get here may not be useful.

You may find that the best options are:

  1. Install an official version of OpenWrt, if your device is supported (see
  2. Ask for help from the maintainer(s) or user community of the specific firmware that you are using.
  3. Provide the source code for the firmware so that users on this forum can understand how your firmware works (OpenWrt forum users are volunteers, so somebody might look at the code if they have time and are interested in your issue).

If you believe that this specific issue is common to generic/official OpenWrt and/or the maintainers of your build have indicated as such, please feel free to clarify.

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I created the firmware online through a firmware compilation website, so is this a firmware issue? Is it not possible to change the channel on the existing firmware? Thank you.

You know more about this fw than we do, you're actually running it.

You post seems to indicate it's not.

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ok, thanks.

The router has been flashed with a new version of OpenWRT.

5G can specify channels, but there is no option to specify channels for 2.4G.

After I just flashed the router, I could see the 2.4GHz channel setting options. However, after setting up the 5GHz channel, the 2.4GHz channel setting options disappeared. Does anyone know why? Thank you.

who can understand that? it should be under 40 mhz. on left side of 24 dbm.

Yes, it was there originally, but it disappeared after I set up the 5G channel.

Is this related to the same non-standard third-party version of OpenWrt as your other thread?

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Maybe, how to solve it?

If the author has done changes to LuCI, we do not know about those. You might need to look at the source code (from them), and/or system log about error messages.

You might also check that you have set the country code properly, as that affects the available channels.

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