OpenWrt bufferbloat for ps4

not techincal, but have been using open wrt for about three years now to help combat bufferbloat. was reccomended to use it by a friend who was technical and can feel it has made a big difference. unfortunately he hasnt been online due to work i would just like to know whats the best settings to combat bufferbloat. installed luci-app-sqm and use sqm-qos. also have a netgear router connected to my router provided by my isp (sky)

thanks for anyone who can help

It's pretty easy to set it up via LuCI.
This short documentation is all you need:

All you basically do is telling the router to use CAKE, and tweaking the bandwidth parameters. Ideally you'd set both the down and upstream bandwidths a little bit lower than the link capacity - usually between 85 to 95%.

Do not use CAKE with the regular QoS modules! The documentation above will tell you to uninstall it.
I'm a newbie regarding OpenWRT, so take me with a grain of salt.

ive done all this but it seems that i dont get optimal results.

What exactly are you calling "suboptimal results"?

Give more informations like what exactly you need to do,if you have any other general what is your problem with results.

i have netgear night hawk x4s router (r7800) bridged to my router that my isp have provided me. i installed openwrt and luci app sqm. using cake and piece of cake, i found that when running speed tests via dslrreports, that my sample size for download and upload vary around 40-50ms ping. but when running the test sometimes i seem to get a sudden lag spike of aroun 500ms, sometimes more. from testing it seems that the lowest ping/sample size i get is at about capping my badnwidth at 63 percent of my normal bandwidth. i have had my sample down as low as 5 ms before and im hoping i can get it that low again.

sorry if this seems to not make sense and thanks for any help given

Fist of all, you will definitely lose some bandwidth in order to favour a low latency performance, it's a trade off.

Given that, a 47% loss still sounds too large.
Try tweaking your up and down stream bandwidth separately - watch the test closely and see if the spike happens when the downstream channel gets overloaded, the upstream channel, or if it happens on both.

Set the bandwidth to the highest value possible that will give you good latency. Unless I'm mistaken, there's very little you can do if the upstream link won't support your full bandwidth at low latencies - this indicates issues with the ISP equipment, and what CAKE will do is work with their limitations. It's possible that the upstream link really has lower bandwidth and they use buffers to advertise a higher speed, some connections even boost bandwidth in the first few seconds of a connection. Of course this "feature" gives bad latency and sucks for real time applications.

These are the settings you need to tweak (marked red, disregard the rest):

I have this exact setup but I can not install sqm on my openwrt router . Can you tell me how you installed it on yours.