OpenWrt Belkin RT3200 Apple Home device not connecting

hello everyone. I have a big problem I‘m not able to connect a smart device ( eve energy strip ) to my apple home via wlan 2,4Ghz to my belkin rt3200 router which has a openwrt installed. When I connect to my neighbors wifi that’s works perfectly. My neighbor has a Fritzbox. Should I have to change my firewall settings ? I have not configured something special on my firewall. I just changed wan input to drop and wan forward to drop. I also installed DNS HTTPS Proxy Settings to have cloudflare DoH. Everything is on default.
Thx in advance.

Watch the logs on the router when the device tries to connect, and tell us what you see there.

Sorry for the late. here is my log.

Hello everyone I solved the Problem. Very important you must turn off isolate client on wifi settings. Now it is working fine.

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