OpenWrt behind OpenWrt behind mikrotik

I have 3 devices : Mikrotik -> TP-Link TL-WR1043ND -> TP-Link Archer C6

From mikrotik I have full contact with first TP Link ( all VLans and no VLAN traffic ( VLAN1) ) and not full contact with second TP Link ( I have contact no VLAN ( VLAN1 ) bud I don't have contact on VLAN 6 ). How should I configurate my TP Links to have connection between mikrotik and second TP Link on VLAN 6 ?

On 1043 for LAN1 switch all vlans to tagged.
Likewise on Archer C6 on WAN switch vlan1 to tagged too.
I suggest to avoid mixing tagged and untagged over the same port.

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