OpenWRT Backup

Hello Guys, How can i make a Backup from a OpenWRT Router to another OpenWRT it's not the same Router, need to save Wireguard VPN + Firewall Settings is it possible?

Generally speaking, you cannot move a backup to a different router.

That said, the firewall is compatible as long as the source and destination devices are running the same version of OpenWrt. Similarly, the wireguard configuration is compatible, too.

Therefore, make a standard backup. Then open the backup on your computer and you can copy the firewalll file over to your new device (via scp, for example). The Wireguard configuration lives inside the /etc/config/network file -- do not attempt to restore this whole file. But what you can do is copy/paste the WG specific sections of the file into your new device's network config file (using a text editor such as vi).

okay Thank you :slight_smile: