OpenWrt AX Access Point, OpenWrt full support

Dear all,

I would like to upgrade my OpenWRT routers and I need advise:

My needs (from most important to less important):

  • Full OpenWRT support (not limited to a closed version).
  • WIFI 6 AX support.
  • Mesh support.
  • SFP+ port or Ethernet 2.5 for LAN. I can make a LACP bonding to have several 1Gbit but it is not as fast a full speed port.

What do you recommend? I understand this kind of product might not exist because OpenWRT support for AX standard is very limited.

Thank you for your help,

I read this thread but it is quite old:

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The table's up to date, and show currently supported devices.

If you want 2.5gbit, get an usb3 2.5 Gbit ethernet adapter, and hope it's supported.

Thanks. I have a fully supported 5gbit USB3 adapter.
It is quite complicated ...

I have problems finding those product, except on AliExpress.
Where can I buy them in a European shop?
I could not find them on Amazon.

Even if that page (which only defines how the data is displayed) would have been last modified back in 2015, it would still show you current data as per today.

No idea, I usually buy them from US Amazon, they sometimes go on sale for as low as $10.

The options would broaden quite a bit with ipq807x, but that's still quite a bit away from being in a mergeable state (let aside the actual (current-) device coverage).

That said, seems to have gained 2.5GBASE-T support just yesterday.

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