OpenWrt - Asus RT-N56U - EAP login (username and password)

I do not know if it is common, but I am trying to use FreeWiFi with UPC
Unfortunately, you have to use your username and password to log in there.
Well, there is no problem in computers, but in Ruterki converted to Client it is so because the use of WPA2 EAP (PEAP) is not so by default (read nowhere)

I took Asus RT-N56U from OpenWRT, but there is no need to install any libraries by default there either ... But what? This is not known anymore ...

I think you should read this:

-> Bezpieczeństwo UPC Wi-Free - certyfikat

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I would LOVE to read this, but i don't get it after translating it. the translator is ruining the whole text!

Are you settled in Vienna? Do you have expirience with old devices like the Linksys WRT 54GL too?

I am trying to connect, i think i already got it, but now i have issues connecting WWAN side to LAN side