OpenWrt as repeater: is it possible to set wifi (sources) priority?

Hello to everyone,
I will describe my scenario where I use openwrt.
I use openwrt at home to repeat the Internet connection of a mobile modem.
This mobile modem has limited data traffic. My idea is to use openwrt device (GL-MT300N-V2) to connect all home devices and to give Internet connection to the GL-MT300N-V2 sometimes using mobile modem, sometimes using my mobile cell as hotspot.
In this way, I will have more data traffic at home without changing everytime the wifi network in each device at home (smartTV, PC, tablet...etc).
Each device at home "knows" only wifi network broadcasted by GL-MT300N-V2 and "under the hood" I will change the source of Internet connection sometimes with mobile modem and sometimes with hotspot of my mobile phone.

I do this switch by hand.. When I arrive at home, I have to:

  1. Turn on my hotspot in my mobile phone
  2. Connect to openwrt interface (I use GL-MT300N-V2 simplified graphical interface)
  3. Select the saved wifi network of my mobile phone
  4. Connect to it and wait that the network will work after few minutes.

Is there a way to let openwrt automatically change wifi network when it "realized" that my hotspot is available?

Look for a package called "travelmate", I think it does exactly what you need.


As suggested you can use travel mate, or another workaround could be to use the same SSID for both hotspots(and make sure lock BSSID is off) and connect in client mode, then add an access point for all your devices to connect to, so you can switch your internet device and it should connect automatically to the other device, or have them both set up in client mode as separate SSIDs (say wwan & wwan1) and can switch between the internet sources by simply turning on tethering on on the appropriate device and it should connect automatically

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