OpenWRT as conventional Router between two networks

I'm building a network as show below. I've had pretty decent success with setting up ROUTER2 as a conventional router ( not a bridge ) between my wireless network ( which most of my home stuff runs ) and the OpenStack network ( which i'm building to learn OpenStack ).

I wanted a separate network for OpenStack to help isolate traffic and experiment with HAProxy, routing and such.

Configuring Router2 I set the firewall to allow forwarding ( Allow forward to destination zones ) to forward from the wan to lan. Under Firewall, General Settings, i have Input/Output/Forward to Accept.

From Router2 I am able to ping Router1. From Router1, I can ping the external address for Router2, but not the internal address.

I'm sure I need a route ( or something ) setup on Router1 to direct traffic to Router2, but I don't see a way of doing that in the default Luci interface. Is there a package that I can add that would allow me to configure the router? Or is there a package that will auto-configure the routing for me so that I don't have to think ( BGP )?

Are there other configuration options that I might need to check/set in addition to the firewall and routing?

Thank you for any help!

It is the obvious one: menu „network“ -> „routing“

on router 2 in menu „network“ -> „firewall“, remove the „masquerading“ checkmark on the WAN zone, to disable NAT.

You must also add a static route on router 1. via

I didn't even see the routing option! thank you for that.

How do we handle DNS? are there forwarding options so that i can access hosts by name ( instead of IP ) across the router?