OpenWRT as a "Dumb AP" for a FritzBox

Hello guys,

Today I'm trying to become a new OpenWRT user :slight_smile:

As of today, I need to use 3 OpenWRT devices as "Dumb AP" next to a Fritz!Box.

I tried to set up one of those and it's working, but I can't see the devices connected to the AP in the "Device List" of the fritzbox. I only see the AP as shown here:

Since I disabled the DHCP server in the AP, I thought I could manage all the devices inside the FritzBox Interface.

Am I missing something?

by the looks of it, the AP haven't been properly configured as dumb AP, or it needs to be restarted.

Assuming "OpenWrt-PT" on lan4 is your OpenWrt AP, you should be able to connect to luci on - it does not integrate into the Fritz!OS GUI.