OpenWrt app for Android/IOS

Isn't there any Android App for Openwrt? Yes we can use the browser, but a dedicated app is always welcome due to speed and reliability etc etc

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There were some ideas for an app some time ago.
If you search the forum, you will find it.

That idea should be reignited. I think enough of Android developers use OpenWrt to help develop such an app.
I took this idea from WLED android app.

there are several type Apps:

  1. access openwrt LuCI - browser do it good enough.
  2. access a server hosted on openwrt router
  3. access other devices, openwrt as a gateway/router.

I agree with OP. A robust ( free/paid ) iOS app to control a OpenWRT router is certainly welcome. Here is a paid alternative :

For android I found this one :


No one's stopping you from developing one.

As for me, I still don't see any use case.

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I am sorry, if you hear me complaining. I rather wanted to encourage and welcome anyone making such an app.

Ablut the use case, well, I am a Sky (UK) Broadband customer. Sky has developed an app for its router. The intended audience is an average non-techie customer. I happen to be in the same catagory with respect to OpenWrt. That's my use case. A small red light on my iPhone showing DSL-Down status is quite convenient for me.

You don't have to agree with me. Thank you.


So did I, but you didn't bite...

Pretty sure you would notice if internet was down, even without the red light on your phone, especially if you got kids.


Do you have HomeAssistant/Something_Similar running on your LAN? If so, then just rig up the DSL-WAN status to a binary sensor in HomeAssistant, and make an indicator, that will display in red on e.g. your HomeScreen. No dedicated app needed for that.

OpenWrt is not made so that you need an app like on commercial devices.

Hi @stragies ,

Sorry I don't have HomeAssistant. Never mind. I have an old android which has the OpenWrt luci like package. I can see the DSL status on the app's dashboard.

About the HA, yes, the idea looks promising. I will give it a try on one of my old laptops. Thanks. :slight_smile: