OpenWrt AP and IPv6

I have been working on setting up a router as a dumb AP and I am configuring IPv6. My layout is 3 SSIDs:

  • LAN - Internal PCs (setup as a DHCP Client Interface)
  • IOT - streaming devices, smart home, etc (setup as an unmanaged Interface)
  • GUEST - visitors (setup as an unmanaged interface)

IPv4 works fine in this case (I would have thought IPv6 RA would also pass for IOT and Guest, but they did not. Adding a DHCPv6 client to each network enables IPv6.

Is this the correct way to enable IPv6 or is there a better way? IPv6 leases appear on my router not the ap so the correct DHCP server is being contacted.


The AP doesn't need to have an IP on any of these networks (apart from the management network, which is probably lan in your case), just use proto=none for iot/ guest - DHCP/ DHCPv6 should be answered by your main router.