Openwrt and nginx proxy manager

I want to use ipv4+ipv6 both.
Is there dumbed down version to how to configure openwrt (on router)+ nginx proxy media (on proxmox lxc) properly?

I have already configured pihole with unbound (on proxmox) + Arr stack (on proxmox) and they work good.
I could combine nginx proxy manager to openwrt localdns thingy to do names instead to remember numbers and port.

please help

Please work out the basics first, before going into specifics - this is getting rather convoluted.

Basically, and this applies to both of your topics, you seem to look for a quite bespoke (and 'uncommon') setup, but appear to glance over the detailed direction you actually want to accomplish, which makes it hard to follow. Accordingly you are not very likely do find any 'easy' or 'ready made' guides.

Chop up your grand vision into smaller pieces, get them working piece by piece - and extent from a known-good base.

Thank you for understanding me and my setup.
I indeed am over the place and very unorganized with openwrt.

Would you guide me how to cut down in small steps to achieve the goal please?

The first post was about wireguard server installed in openwrt.

Here i wanted to access my home network using wireguard but maybe in double mode (if there is any).
I mean using DDNS and GUA to connect side by side and inside wireguard having normal v4 and ULA for internal wireguard connected devices only.
I am not sure if it can be achievable or do i need to create two different wireguard interface in openwrt.

In this post i wanted to achieve locally resolved dns queries using openwrt and nginxproxymanager.

But unsure if that can be done in dual stack mode.

I really apologize for low tier question but teach me or guide me where to find more information about it.