OpenWrt accout

I had created an account using, but it's now gone and it says that email is not allowed. Does anyone know what happened?


[moderator edit: deactivated the link to the email, but kept the content]

My apologies. I may have deleted that account accidentally. We get ton of spam accounts, and I may have mistaken yours for spam.

I have cleared the block on your email.... you should be able to add your desired email to your account.

Would you like me to merge your accounts (seems like you have 2 user accounts -- it's preferable to avoid that since it could lead to confusion down the line if you use both in a given thread -- including this one :slight_smile: )

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Na I deleted my other thx.


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I'm not sure where to post, so i will ask here and delete this thread after you response.

Where should I start a thread asking for the communities feedback on my wiki.


“Talk About Documentation” seems logical to me.

Sorry... didn't see this note.

Yes, the documentation section is probably the best place to raise your questions/feedback requests.