OpenWRT abilities

Looking to flash OpenWRT

But I need following features:

  • Captive portal with simple CAPTCHA or additional password
  • Adblocking on DNS level

Device 512/256MB (RAM, Flash)

Is it possible to do on OpenWRT? If so, can you share some details?

Yes those things are possible, although captive portals are often a bit difficult to configure (steep learning curve).

Adblocking may need more memory.

What is the device? (brand + model)


Can you explain why please?

RAM? Flash?

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You can change DNS server to adblocking one even on minimal install.


Not sure where you got these numbers from, but the GL-MT3000 has 512MB RAM and 256MB NAND Flash (see

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Sorry, copied wrong string :frowning:

Can I set or tls:// as dns resolver?

You need some DoH proxy like stubby, for https:: or set those adguard classical dns servers as forwarders in dhcp-dns conf section.
But if your router has space and powers you can have more detailed control.

See also here

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Keep in mind your router's storage can always be extended by a flash drive, if there's an USB port.

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What to do after that?

This is unencrypted information. Unfortunately no go for me…

We can presume this device is intended to be a travel router based on the requisite it can handle a captive portal?

I did… in the first response.

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Darn it.

I caught that and changed the reply.

Yes. On official firmware >3.* there was this option…

For DoH follow

would be nice to close the issue.

DoH solved, how to setup Captive Portal?

@ed8 it is commands? Or part of script?

# Configure DoH provider
while uci -q delete https-dns-proxy.@https-dns-proxy[0]; do :; done
uci set https-dns-proxy.dns="https-dns-proxy"
uci set https-dns-proxy.dns.bootstrap_dns=","
uci set https-dns-proxy.dns.resolver_url=""
uci set https-dns-proxy.dns.listen_addr=""
uci set https-dns-proxy.dns.listen_port="5053"
uci commit https-dns-proxy
service https-dns-proxy restart

I have no idea what that reply means.

I, certainly, was not asking if OpenWrt can handle captive portals; looks like something was lost in translation.
I'll rephrase.
Do you intend to use the device as a travel router?

No. It is my home router

uci is a command line utility indeed.
ps: all needed options for https-dns-proxy are provided through Web UI as well