OpenWRT 23.XX on EnGenius ENS620EXT

Hi all,

I'm wondering why there is no OpenWRT 23.XX release for EnGenius ENS620EXT.
It is a ipq40xx/generic device, and many of these benefits from a build in the latest branch/versions.

Moreover, I'd like to report few mistakes on the device and TOH pages:

The latest supported version is 22.03.6

Someone (as in potentially you) needs to fix its network setup for DSA, until that is done, there can be no further releases for this device.

Hi, thank you for answering my question.
I started reading some docs about DSA and the differences with swconfig (even though I'm far to be a network expert).
Where should I start from? Is there a guide, a thread or anything that may help me initiating this?

I think for this you'll need to be able to build your own images from source.

You can check how to set up a build system in the developer guide:

You should be able to recover your device, in case something goes wrong and you can't access it anymore via LAN.
Check which recovery options your device offers.
Serial access might be necessary.

Also I would check the git history for examples of similar devices being converted to DSA.
Here some (completely random) examples:;a=commit;h=3cac52f9a134cb2317660596d0cefe1c419c3220;a=commit;h=7c04e80f87f343bde6d137d813d694f40f3ec481