OpenWrt 23.05.0-rc4 - Fourth Release Candidate

Adding to this: 160 MHz channel capabilities for MT7915 in OpenWrt were never advertised for this hardware and are out of specification by the vendor. Mediatek has completely dropped 160 MHz channel support for MT7915 in their repository. 160 MHz channel capabilities for MT7915 in OpenWrt are experimental. If it works: fine. If 160 MHz channels on MT7915 produce problems: that’s expected because out of specification for this WiFi controller.

I hope there will not be another iteration of one year fixing problems because people insist on keeping their 160 MHz out of spec MT7915 modes in OpenWrt like we had in the past: 802.11ax worse than 802.11ac with mt76 driver?

If things break because of out of specification capabilities: remove the out of specification modes.

The successor generation Mediatek Filogic is advertised with 160 MHz channel support. If 160 MHz capabilities are needed then I would prefer these devices with official support for these modes.