OpenWrt 23.05.0-rc3 - Third Release Candidate

All 3 release candidates have a problem with the transmission. Not all torrents work. You also cannot set the location for torrents.

could you provide details about the problems you see? Did they exsit on earlier stable versions? The devs can't help with problems unless they are totally clear about what the issue is


RC3 also runs perfect with Proxmox as VM under x86/64, I changed from WRT3200 ACM to MiniPC with 6 2.5G NICs X86/64 with more powerfull CPUs, and it pays off I must say, i3 CPU with 4 cores and 8 Threads 32 Gb Ram and NVME inside... Rocks big time, and Proxmox is just perfect... to deploy VMs, Thank you again...Devs and Testers

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The same thing is happening to me, again. It was previously happening to me on 21.02.3, then it was fine on 22.03rc5, and now after updating to 23.05.0-rc3 my internet speed is again capped at 100mbps for some reason. I can get it to negotiate 1gbps connection but only after restarting the interfaces or the device like 10 times every time, and it still falls back to 100mbps every now and then.

Running on a Linksys WRT3200ACM...

In Luci, software list update showed a few packages had updates. I did a Attended Sysupgrade (Luci available package). Upgrade was successful. :slightly_smiling_face:

In 23.05.0-rc2 Attended Sysupgrade didn't work (for me anyway).

Again my thanks to the Devs!!!

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You could have a damaged cable somewhere. For a gigabit connection ports seem to use all wires in a CAT cable. 100Mbps uses only 4 of them.

I did an update on BPI-R3 due to new packages showed up.
Attended-SysUpgrade went smoothly but now the wireless is not working anymore.

An Issue is already opened. I went back to my last saved firmware which is rc2. :frowning:

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The device paths changed at some point before RC3 (likely by the linked commit referenced in the issue) so RC3 will show the radios as new network devices. To correct for this, you'll need to either reconfigure the networks on the "new" devices or edit the /etc/config/wireless file, replacing the old device IDs with the newly detected network device IDs.

For instance, on my BPI-R3, the entries for radio0 and radio1 only needed the 'path' option updated. The new paths should be listed under radio2 and radio3 if you don't have any additional wireless cards installed. Also, don't forget to remove the new (radio2, radio3) entries and reboot if you manually edit the config file.

The problem occured with the last update of packages of rc3, not with switching from rc2 to rc3.
rc3 did work flawlessly until I tried to update with Attended SysUpgrade this morning. Also, others report the same problem.

It is just that my last backup of a working firmware is based rc2. Flashing a new rc3 would probably lead again to the seen problem when updating the packages with Attended SysUpgrade.

There are many debates on the forums about the risks of upgrading packages outside of a release upgrade. Not a good idea it seems.


This was a rc3 and an update with Attended Sysupgrade. There are always risks with any kind of updating.
My fault that I didn't keep a copy of the image that runned until the update this morning and I had to go back to a rc2 image.
Also: this problem will also affect others as the problem is obviously in a package that will be packed into firmwares built with firmware builder.

Understood. I suspect the comments in that issue are correct, then, and we'll need to sit tight and wait until the matching hostapd and related packages are updated. I'm guessing the standard, uncustomized RC3 image currently on the site also contains the mismatched package versions?

If you take the official rc3 image, it is coherent and has all the core packages. (and has not changed since August 21th...

Exactly. But at the moment you add packages you may run into the same problem as added packages are taken from current branch version.

Maybe you would like to try the 23.05 snapshots until the next rc?

Hello, is it possible for other routers to be added from the rc3 version to stable?

Here the list of the packages for rc3 who showed up with "opkg list-upgradable"

wpad-basic-mbedtls - 2023-06-22-599d00be-1.2 - 2023-09-08-e5ccbfc6-3
ubus - 2022-06-15-9913aa61-1 - 2023-06-05-f787c97b-1
ucode-mod-ubus - 2023-04-03-51638672-1 - 2023-06-06-c7d84aae-1
ucode-mod-uci - 2023-04-03-51638672-1 - 2023-06-06-c7d84aae-1
netifd - 2023-06-04-ec9dba72-1 - 2023-09-15.1-afcd3825-1
ubusd - 2022-06-15-9913aa61-1 - 2023-06-05-f787c97b-1
ucode-mod-math - 2023-04-03-51638672-1 - 2023-06-06-c7d84aae-1
ucode-mod-fs - 2023-04-03-51638672-1 - 2023-06-06-c7d84aae-1
ucode - 2023-04-03-51638672-1 - 2023-06-06-c7d84aae-1
libucode20220812 - 2023-04-03-51638672-1 - 2023-06-06-c7d84aae-1
hostapd-common - 2023-06-22-599d00be-1.2 - 2023-09-08-e5ccbfc6-3

I bet that trying to install these pkgs will cause the router to brick.

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The most coherent solution is (always) to build everything from sources with the full toolchain.

Due to the two-phase buildbot strategy and stable packages also getting package updates, there is always an incoherency risk when using auc/attendedsysupgrade or imagebuilder, as some packages may have been updated since the main firmware was built. (The risk is greatest when certain core packages are updated.)


Rc3 is a historical commit/tag in the stable 23.05 branch.
The current stable 23.05 head contains everything from 23.05.0-rc3 plus newer fixes.

If you refer to 22.03 with "stable", likely no new devices will be backported to the ancient codebase of 22.03 (mainly from March 2022). Quite typically many new devices need new build steps which only exist in development main/master and 23.05.


ok if I understand everything that is already in this list are not likely to change because I am interested in filogic devices.