OpenWrt 23.05.0-rc1 first release candidate


The OpenWrt community is proud to announce the first release candidate of the upcoming OpenWrt 23.05 stable series.
OpenWrt 23.05.0-rc1 incorporates over 3900 commits since branching the previous OpenWrt 22.03 release and has been under development for over one year.

This is just a release candidate and not the final release yet.

Download firmware images using the OpenWrt Firmware Selector:

Highlights in OpenWrt 23.05.0:

Many new devices added

OpenWrt 23.05 supports over 1750 devices. Support for over 160 new devices was added in addition to the device support by OpenWrt 22.03.

  • The ipq807x target for the Qualcomm IPQ807x Wifi 6 SoCs was added

Highlights of device support

  • Switched ipq40xx target to DSA
  • VDSL support on AVM FRITZ!Box 7530
  • Support for devices with 2.5G PHYs
    • Netgear WAX206 (MT7622)
    • Asus (TUF Gaming) AX4200 (MT7986A)
    • Netgear WAX218 (IPQ8074)
    • Xiaomi AX9000 (IPQ8074)
    • Dynalink DL-WRX36 (IPQ8074)
  • Improved DSL statistics on ubus and in LuCI

Switch from wolfssl to mbedtls as default

OpenWrt switched the default cryptographic library from wolfssl to mbedtls. This library is used for HTTPS/TLS in the Webserver providing LuCI and for the cryptographic operations in hostapd. mbedtls provides security updates in their LTS branch without changing the application binary interface (ABI) of the library. wolfssl provides a stable ABI only for a very limited subset of functions. mbedtls allows us to update only mbedtls without the need to recompile and upgrade all users of mbedtls.

Core components update

Core components have the following versions in 23.05.0-rc1:

  • Updated toolchain:
    • musl libc 1.2.4
    • glibc 2.37
    • gcc 12.3.0
    • binutils 2.40
  • Updated Linux kernel
    • 5.15.114 for all targets
  • Network:
    • hostapd master snapshot from March 2023
    • dnsmasq 2.89
    • dropbear 2022.82
  • cfg80211/mac80211 from kernel 6.1.24
  • System userland:
    • busybox 1.36.1

Full release notes and upgrade instructions are available at

In particular, make sure to read the regressions and known issues before upgrading:

For a detailed list of all changes since 22.03.0, refer to

To download the 23.05.0-rc1 images, navigate to:
Use OpenWrt Firmware Selector to download:

As always, a big thank you goes to all our active package maintainers, testers, documenters and supporters.

Have fun!

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Nice good to see first RC1 :+1:

I would love to see the SDK git initialization be fixed before release :+1:

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Outstanding news for this long time awaited version. Congratulations to the devs team and everyone involved.

Do you mind adding in the release note that the Linksys EA8300, MR8300, EA6350v3 devices can't install/upgrade to 23.05.0-rc1 unless a boot variable change ? Without, this will soft-brick the device. Please link to the installation note.


Also of interest to ARM users, not sure if it's in the RC1...

Big thanks to the developers for getting out this release!
I am now patiently waiting for Attended Sysupgrade to be available...

Firmware builder:
Unsupported branch: 23.05.0-rc1

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It will be available soon, it's the same case at each release :wink:


Probably worth mentioning: 2 Gbps WAN/LAN NAT Routing on ramips MT7621 devices


Does one assume this also implies other modules such as wpad-* and libustream-* follow the same default change?


Thank you guys. Just this morning I installed OpenWrt 23.05.0-rc1 on an ZTE MF286D I got a few days ago. It's running smooth as butter :slight_smile:

Excellent work. I'm using Xiaomi AX6S and so far so good.

Thanks for this release! sysupgraded it to my mvebu/cortexa9 and seems to be running fine.

Yes. You can see what becomes redundant with mbedtls with this (on a RT3200 running 22.03.5). It's best to do a complete reinstall rather than auc/attended-sysupgrade or you might lock yourself out when ssl packages disappear or get replaced (don't ask).

$ opkg list-installed | grep wolfssl

libustream-wolfssl20201210 - 2022-12-08-9217ab46-2
libwolfssl5.5.4.ee39414e - 5.5.4-stable-1
px5g-wolfssl - 6.2
wpad-basic-wolfssl - 2022-01-16-cff80b4f-16.2
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Thanks to all for the effort.
Up and running with no issues on Netgear EX6150v2 and Linksys EA7300 v2.
Tomorrow I will test other dvices.
Best regards

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BUG spotted

Just updated mi 4a gen1 router and only issue is 5ghz wifi is not working. 23.05

Revert back to 22.05 and 5ghz now working fine.



Up and running on an x86, a 1900acs, and a 3200acm linksys device but transmission fails after I add a magnet link on them as well as on the x86 device (not included in the pic). I will revert one of the devices to a previous version to get transmission back up and running since I only need 1. Thanks for your hard work.

I installed the RC1 into xiaomi ax3600. Seems to be ok. I also installed RC1 into international xiaomi ax9000 and needed to replace the /lib/firmware/ath11k/QCN9074/hw1.0/board-2.bin file to get the radio3 working.